Recovery Collective

A local Melbourne-based movement equipped with a creative visionary and an aim for providing a fresh educational vehicle within the electronic music community, by showcasing emerging artists and undiscovered sounds alike – constantly striving to increase awareness and appreciation for quality house and techno music.

The Collective is a network of entities that share or are motivated by common issue, interest or work together to achieve a common objective. A likeminded moral stance, ideology and social outlook that emphasises The Collective and its interests.

Recovery Collective has grown to become one of Australia's leading electronic music record labels, gaining interest from some of the biggest names in dance music, also working with many of the promoters, venues and festivals around the country.


Jydn & Amuze, Bongani, Fabrication, Handsdown & Leigh Boy, Tom Baker, Alegra, Ebony Willis, Prosdo, Liam Sieker, John Baptiste & more.


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