Incorporating music, art, performance, and mindfulness, Renegade has solidified itself as one of the most beloved and anticipated dance parties in Melbourne’s electronic scene.

It’s a monthly gathering born from the Red Moon Tribe, a homegrown music collective best known for its legendary warehouse parties, bush raves, and its vibrant creative community.Each Renegade party is carefully curated and unique. As such, the music style can vary from deep & progressive to dark & industrial.

The purpose of Renegade is to promote free expression, respect, and consent, by hosting parties where these values come to life on the dance floor, and echo into wider society.

This underground family vibe is what gives Renegade its unique flavour, one that resonates with the amazing people who make the party what it is.

On its first night, over two years ago, Renegade broke My Aeon's attendance record for a Friday, and then broke that record again the following month.

Today Renegade continues to be a haven for music lovers by going deeper, getting better, and offering more with each event.




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