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Founded in 2019, SixthSense Australia is a multidimensional platform for the subculture of underground dance music. Starting with events, our vision of creating a platform for all the various elements of underground dance music to flow simultaneously has blossomed.

Through mind-expanding soundscapes and various kaleidoscopic art forms, we provide an intimate and immersive experience through each event, subtly evoking the 5 physical senses known to humankind. All this with a special, psychedelic twist that makes people access their SixthSense.

The SixthSense sonic journey will traverse through the wild world of intelligent sound design and the pure emotion of bona fide, psychedelic dance music. Between the progressive and experimental concepts of techno and psytrance, we will showcase the best international and local producers that create these special genres of thought-provoking sound.

Our dedication to this diverse subculture has led us to this point, creating a multidimensional  platform that showcases the astounding talent that we are forever inspired by. We will be delivering  world class events and much more to feed your needs and desires.The continued evolution of this amazing culture scape underpins our core values.

Join us as we progress to inspire future generations of psychedelic sound-dwellers.  




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