Starting back in 2009 Machine is the longest running night at My Aeon, it has also has proven to be somewhat of a signal beacon for the emergence of a mature and considered revision of techno music, art and culture.

Not surprising perhaps when it is revealed the driving force behind the endeavour has over 32 years of professional music industry involvement. Significantly, Machine is populated by a mix of age groups:representative of youth and maturity, enjoying an environment together, each bringing something to the table.

No-where is this more apparent than in the artist roster, which boasts a swathe of established older artists, pulled by the lure of an event that is multi faceted, intelligent and offers the promise of something many artists yearned for in the techno field: recognition of artistic expression.

Further to this cause is the attraction of a band of artists, new to the fold, rallied by the sophisticated approach to sound which is at odds with typical commercial interests. The young welcome this apparently vibrant and expressive scene that clearly holds the interest of older heads than their own, that promises something more than a passing fad-like appeal.

Machine exists in this duality and celebrates the diversity it affords: old and young, queer and bent, gender fluid and gender neutral, and all kinds of orientations clear and murky. We invite you into the mix for the night-time adventures to come.

Over the past 12 years Machine has played host to some of leading international artists in the techno field such as: Truncate, Dasha Rush, AdriannaLopez, Drumcell, Black Asteroid, Rhys Fulber, Ryogo Yamamori, Sigha, Echoplex, Deadbeat, Ken Ishii, Steve Bicknell, Alex Bau & Developer, amongst many others.Underwriting the spirit of the Machine club, is Machine the label. Representative of the night time realisation of the Machine ethos, the label offers a distinct outlet for the artist fold; beyond the temporal throws of an evenings soiree. The Machine label boasts a bevy of established international artists, complimented with Australian talent; mirroring the efforts of the club.



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